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Electrical Infrastructure Experts

Supplying electrical infrastructure solutions in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets with over 50 years of experience.

What We Specialize In

Inverters & Batteries

DTEI supplies and installs Inverters & Batteries that are eco-friendly and that use the latest technology

Certificate of Compliance

We provide electrical compliance certificates on all installations as required in order to ensure compliance with the necessary standards

Solar Panels

We are driven to provide a complete renewable energy solution to our clients.

We’re committed to furnishing top-quality solar power results, specializing in on-grid, off-grid and hybrid systems. The full range of services includes professional design and engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance including full functional services, specialized support, and training.

Each system is tailor-made by using tried and tested solar power technology and only top-quality tier 1 products. guaranteeing the customer’s specific requirements are met at the most affordable price, not sacrificing quality.

The core values of professionalism, credibility, best people, excellence, and innovation are the fundamentals of our business. Staying on top of the latest and best in solar power technology allows us to offer the best-in-market systems backed by long-term warranties.



We only use products we know are reliable and we won’t have to come back to your house to fix it



All work done that requires an electrical certificate of compliance is provided with one



A detailed quote is provided so you know what you getting

About Du Toit Electrical Infrastructure

We have been in electrical infrastructure for the past 18 years. The directors and owners of the business are the people you will see onsite. Our roots are in substation construction and we have constructed over 15 substations as well as 6 PV farms and 2 Wind Farms for Renewable project developers.

With over 50 years of experience among the team, DTEI is more than suitably equipped to tackle the most complex solar system requirements.

Our Accreditations

We’ve Been Connecting People For More Than 50 Years

DTEI is more than suitably equipped to tackle the most complex solar system requirements.

Our Solar Industry Partners

Client Testimonials

Outstanding service & Installation Dries is

Outstanding service & Installation
Dries is absolutely amazing and so is his team. Perfect and neat work. Went the extra mile.
Always willing to help and explain. They really care about their clients. Genuine People.

Palesa S

DTEI have made my Switch

DTEI have made my Switch to solar a great experience. From my initial query through to a complete installation was less than a month.
The installation team from DTEI were professional and helpful throughout the installation and willing to answer any questions raised. Thanks to Evan and his team for the professional installation!


Very professional in there work,

Very professional in there work, the work place at my home was cleaned after the installation. Dries Du Toit is always available if I have a problem or a question and was handled with in the same day.

Thank you Dries, Riaan and your team

Riaan Nienaber

Jaco’s team provided exceptional installation

Jaco’s team provided exceptional installation service with outstanding communication that made them feel like friends. Their professionalism is unparalleled. I wholeheartedly recommend them time and again.

Davies akin

Excellent service from Jaco and

Excellent service from Jaco and his team!
They were professional and very efficient. We asked so many questions and they were very patient with us. Big thank you to all the gents that helped set up our system.

Clinton Nathaniel

A big shout out and

A big shout out and thank you to the team at DTEI, for their professionalism, hard work and dedication.
Johan and his team were amazing, the standard of work you guys have delivered is on the next level, your attention to detail is impeccable.
We wish you every success in your endeavour going forward.
Frikkie & Zee

Zeonie Smith

Very impressed. The guys worked

Very impressed. The guys worked fast and efficiently to get my solar installation running ahead of schedule. They were friendly, polite, cleaned up after themselves, and answered all my questions clearly.
When the inevitable small accidents happen (It is impossible to use power tools on a house without something going wrong!), they were quick to let me know, and then fixed the damage as good as new. I am very happy with their work, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.

Allen Versfeld

Dear DTEI I had my solar


I had my solar system installed a week ago by Ruan / Anthony and his team – the team is so hard working, dedicated, friendly and carried out their task with such excellence. They even went to the extend of sweeping the leaving my garage and yard so clean and neat.
I had to have them come back once my wifi extender was sorted in my garage.
Today – 12/09/23 – Anthony and his colleague came out and he connected the geyser timer etc. He guided me through the process of downloading the apps required and spoke me through everything.
Thank you Anthony for your dedication and professional manner. I appreciate your time and been so patient with me.
Great company and would highly recommend DTEI.

Geanette Reddlar

Geanette Reddlar

Slightly overdue, but I just

Slightly overdue, but I just want to say THANK YOU to the DTEI team for the amazing and high level
of quality and professional service they deliver. Thorough knowledge of solar and they spend special time to make sure you understand the system and feel comfortable. My installation was done early March 2023, and today they finished installing my mother in law’s solar as well. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to install if it could not be DTEI. There’s no better team for the job. Thank you, team!

Stefan Lee

Great professional service from Dries

Great professional service from Dries and his team.
They were contracted to redo a solar installation that had not been done correctly, and effectively had to redo the whole installation.
Dries and his team are very professional, courteous and friendly, and did an excellent job in redoing the installation.
Definitely recommended!

Ross Meredith

DTEI did a solar installation

DTEI did a solar installation for me this week. The team was polite and courteous, cleaned up after themselves, constantly consulted with me to ensure that what they were planning to do was OK with me, worked really late on a Friday evening to get the installation done before the weekend and even tidied up the storeroom where the inverters and batteries were being installed. Things did go a little awry when roof tiles started breaking (through no fault of theirs) – but they were very quick to respond and replace the broken tiles. I judge a provider by their “service saves” – if things go wrong, how do they put them right? DTEI gets 100% for their service save in this instance. Would highly recommend them.

Wendy Orr

Thank you Dries and team.

Thank you Dries and team.
Good job and good service.

Eugene Lechtanski

Excellent service from Dries ,

Excellent service from Dries , Ruan, Roberto and the whole team at DTEI. Their work is superb and everything works perfectly as explained to the customer. Highly recommended to anyone considering a solar installation.

David Hope-Jones

Dries and his team did

Dries and his team did my installation in Oct/Nov 2022 and they were a real professional outfit. I had big concerns beforehand and a big expense like this will always be a grudge purchase, but I can honestly commend the professionalism of Dries and his team. I had a major installation, but they really went the extra mile. Major installations will always have some bugs and complexities, but the team pulled out all the stops and made sure everything was working as it says on the box (and adverts) before they left. The team took accountability for their work from day 1 and I never got the feeling that they would just disappear and leave me with problems to solve (I have heard some horror stories on other installations were the new owner had to make major interventions or ended up losing large amounts of money). Dries did a lot of research to make my installation as smoothly as possible (I once saw him arrive with a pack of documents which resembled a phone book) which just shows the pride and seriousness he takes in the team’s work. I can definitely recommend the DTEI team for a hassle free solar PV installation!

Thanks so much Dries and the DTEI team, thanks to you load shedding is a thing of the past for my family, your hard work is much appreciated!

Rigardt Jonker

Dries and his team installed

Dries and his team installed my solar system at my house. What an amazing experience. From the first day that Dries came out for the site visit till the end when they were completed, i can just commend them for the professionalism and expertise.

The installation was not easy as my house has a steep roof, but that did not stop them. Then there was the access from the Garage to the inside DB board that also needed some outside the box thinking to make the connection. But when all was completed, everything worked the first time, no issues.

I would like to thank Dries and his team for the best experience I have ever had with a team performing work at my house. I had a few things done this last year and again I emphasize the utter professionalism of the team.

Dries, may you and your company go from strength to strength.

Peter Carzis

Dries and his team installed

Dries and his team installed my solar system. I cannot commend them enough for their professional approach and can do attitude. There were a few challenges with my installation but they always found a solution. They worked tiredlessly and were always on punctual. Highly recommended without a second thought. Honest and reliable

Rui Paixao

Dries from DTEI, and his

Dries from DTEI, and his competent team, recently installed a hybrid Solar System at our home.

What a pleasant experience!

Prior to the installation, I had several concerns and questions regarding the design, installation, and operation of the Solar System. Dries took his time to discuss the design and installation process to me. I had a bigger system in mind, and instead of over selling us, Dries evaluated our electricity usage, and designed a system to accommodate our needs. This speaks volumes of his ethical principles.

The installation took place over 3 days. The team had a plan, and the plan was executed without any complications.

After the installation was completed, Dries spend some time with us, ensuring we understood the system and showed us how to operate the system to utilise it to its full potential.

We also received a COC from an independent electrician after the installation. The COC was issued on the spot, after the necessary inspections. The electrician also complimented the workmanship.

After the installation, we had a small issue with a timer on a geyser. Dries went out of his way to fix the problem, even though it was not his responsibility. This level of aftersales service is remarkable.

I can highly recommend Dries and this team for any Solar and electrical installations.

Lourens Muller

Dries and his professional team

Dries and his professional team installed my solar panels, inverter and batteries. The service was excellent right from the very first meeting until completion of the installation. I am a perfectionist and was totally impressed with their workmanship.

Dries and his team exceeded my expectations and also fully addressed my queries at all times.

I would definitely recommend him and his team as my experience with their service and knowledge has been fantastic!!


DTEI have went the extra mile to provide a service that is professional and exceptional. Our experience with Mr. Dries Du Toit from DTEI from day one to the completion of the solar installation was above and beyond making the customer happy.

On our first meeting to do the site inspection, he diligently worked through the inspection document by asking questions to better understand the layout of our home, patiently listened to and answered our questions . Most importantly he also took time to explain to my husband how the solar solution will work, its benefits , expected timeframes for delivery and installation ,and Hohm’s overall solar solution process . What was also notable about Dries at all times, he was not just the installation guy or someone trying to sell us more energy products but provided us with expert energy saving advice and how best to use what we have such as our geyser timers.

Dries always endeavored to keep to his appointments and will regularly keep us posted on his whereabouts. His communication and listening skills are highly commendable, in fact, extraordinary. It is something we have never experienced with other service providers. He continuously kept us up to date about the delivery of the solar equipment, scheduled appointments and what to expect during the installation of the system. Dries and his Team of experts worked meticulously and dedicatedly including working on a holiday (16-Dec) to complete the task at hand. Members of the DTEI Team are very pleasant, hardworking, specialists in what they do and they continuously ensured our home is kept neat and tidy. Now that speaks volumes…what a TEAM.

The installation went ahead as planned and the solar solution is working to design with no hiccups thus far. Happy customer and our loadshedding pain is something of the past.

Thank you DTEI for the outstanding service rendered in installing our Solar System. Greatly appreciated and simply the best. We highly recommend DTEI for all your solar solutions.

M. Naidoo

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